Feedback: “I have decide to come out as asexual today…”

anonymous said:

I have decide to come out as asexual today and I don´t know how I feel about it, but I am kinda happy and somewhat relieve and wanted to tell you in this site first because you were my first contact with asexuality and thank to you I have learn so many things. Thank you for your channel, for your blog and your kindness with us anon that came with our questions. Is really reasurring know there is a person like you. So, yeah. Ace pride!


!!!!!!! good luck, anon!!! i sincerely hope that it goes well for you!

and wow, i’m incredibly honored to be the first person you told. thank you, anon, and thank you for the incredibly kind words as well. it really is an honor to be able to help you and anyone else in any way. <3

w00t!! ace pride, indeed!!

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