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Asexual POC Links Masterpost

in response to @queenieofaceslinkspam challenge, i thought i’d finally try to do something that i’d thought about doing for a while. that is, compile a list of resources in the form of links for/by/about asexual people of color (APOC).

at present (10/23/2015) i’ve compiled nearly 100 links, but this list is still no where near comprehensive nor complete. parts of it still need to be organized better, which i hope to do in time.

this post is the rebloggable version of this static page. going forward it will be that page that is updated rather than this post, so bookmark the page if you like. i’ll probably make smaller posts to make parts of this list more readably rebloggable in the coming days.

please note that i in no way endorse nor agree with all of the opinions expressed in the linked content. i am linking the content regardless of my opinion on it for archival purposes and in an attempt to be at least somewhat comprehensive.

some of the links below have triggering content. sometimes the author of the content has tagged or explicitly stated the appropriate triggers, but this is often not the case. as such, please exercise caution when visiting these links. perhaps in the future i’ll be able to include trigger warnings next to each link, but i’m unable to do so at present.

with that preliminary jazz out of the way…

Aces of Color Stories

in July 2015 @theasexualityblog​ hosted a series of first-hand stories submitted by ace people of color. the following are links to the stories organized roughly by racial identity for ease of navigation.




Mixed / Bi-racial

Native / Aboriginal

APOC Pride Art

Articles & Blog Posts


Please tell me APOC groups exist somewhere??


Videos / Vloggers




Commonly used #hashtags

Less commonly used #hashtags
some of these tags i use on this blog, but they’re not common elsewhere. not linking to the general tags due to unrelated, sexual content currently found in these tags.

  • #asian aces
  • #black aces
  • #latinx aces
  • #mixed aces
  • #native aces

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