Q&A: “Aren’t gays and lesbians inherently transphobic…?”

anonymous said:

Aren’t gays and lesbians inherently transphobic because they reinforce genitalia=gender by only having sex with people as the same genitals as their own?


…………..i’m going to respond to this in the format of a list because after sitting on this ask for nearly a day i have decided that that is the best way to keep this response from turning into a rant.

  • when a person (regardless of their sexuality) is attracted to someone else they are attracted to that person’s character, to their self-expression, to their smile, to their identity, to their voice, to who they are as a person.
  • people do not use x-ray vision to look through a person’s clothing to see what genitalia they have and decide whether they find that genitalia attractive or not.
  • why are you equating same-gender attraction with same-genitalia attraction?
  • there actually are people of every orientation who find certain genitalia or genitalia in general repulsive. this is 100% okay and does not necessarily have anything to do with that person’s sexuality, but if it does that is okay too.
  • that said, being gay or a lesbian is commonly defined as same-sex or same-gender attraction for a reason.
  • i seriously do not see anyone defining it as same-genitalia attraction but you.
  • stop reducing trans people down to their genitalia.
  • stop reducing sexuality down to who a person has sex with, as if it’s only about sex.
  • there are many gay people in relationships with trans people.
  • why are you even singling out gay people as being “inherently transphobic” when by your faulty logic the same would apply to more than just gay people.
  • literally no one is “inherently transphobic”, by the way. literally no one is born predisposed to being transphobic. transphobia is a learned behavior that literally anyone is capable of.
  • just so we’re clear: regardless of a person’s orientation, attraction is something that a person experiences towards another person; attraction, be it sexual or otherwise, is not defined by the genitalia that that person does or does not have. that would be transphobic, but luckily attraction does not work that way.

have i made myself clear? because i refuse to write a tl;dr for this post. read it all.

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