Q&A: “so I noticed that in your Tumblr blog description it says that you put an emphasis on aro issues…”

anonymous said:

so I noticed that in your [Tumblr] blog description it says that you put an emphasis on aro issues, but don’t ID as aro yourself? I was wondering why that is? Like did you previously ID as aro, or is aromanticism important to you for other reasons? Sorry if this comes off as rude, or you’ve answered this before, I’m just curious because I don’t see many non-aro people advocating aromanticism and I haven’t seen an explanation for it looking through your aro tag


you’ve caught me! i literally just added that to the blog description a week or two ago? i can’t believe someone noticed lmao.

despite aro being added to the blog’s description fairly recently, i’ve been reblogging and making aromantic inclusive and/or specific posts for around 2 years now…? admitted much more this past year than previously.

why? good question.

prior to ~2 weeks ago there was never a point where i sat down and specifically decided to include aromanticism among the topics that i (re)blog about, despite (re)blogging about it for years now. there was a point, however, when i noticed the seemingly complete lack of awareness regarding romantic orientations in general and how that really bothered me. because of that, i made a YouTube video and Tumblr posts about romantic orientations to try and raise awareness. perhaps through that i noticed some parallels between asexuality and aromanticism in terms of lack of awareness and understanding, and thus began reblogging aro posts?

that said, within the past year i’ve noticed myself relating to some aro posts on a very personal level… to the point that i’m now casually questioning whether i myself am somewhere within the aro spectrum. but as i’ve said, that is a recent development despite (re)blogging aro specific or inclusive posts for years.

it’s sad that more people aren’t making aro awareness and visibility more of a priority, regardless of whether or not they themselves are aro spec. my personal relationship with amatonormativity and aromancitism isn’t the only reason i’ve decided to put an emphasis on aro issues. i’ve decided to put an emphasis on them because i feel like they should be emphasized more.

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