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QAC 39 – Biromantic + Panromantic Pride! | Being Both Bi & Pan

happy Bi Visibility Day and Bi Awareness Week! 🙂

in this video i talk about what being biromantic and panromantic means to me, common questions i get about being bi and pan and why i identify as both rather than one or the other. i also talk about my journey to realizing my romantic orientation and how being black and being asexual played a part in that journey.

========= TIME POINTS =========
@00:00 – happy Bi Awareness Week & Bi Visibility Day!
@00:39 – what is “biromantic” & “panromantic”?
@01:20 – what being biro and panro means to me.
@01:30 – FAQ: “but bi means two!!!“
@02:53 – FAQ: “but then how is bi different from pan???”
@04:09 – FAQ: “but why do you identify as both bi & pan???“
@09:07 – coming out to myself at 27: race played a part in it.
@10:56 – coming out to myself at 27: asexuality played a part in it.
@12:22 – that “Eureka!!” moment.
@13:21 – what about you? i’d love to hear from you!

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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