Q&A: “I like most genders but not male so am I poly?”

anonymous said:

I like most genders but not male so am I poly? I always said I am biromantic and like most genders but not male, however am I actually polyromantic, not biromantic?


first of all i’d like to throw out my personal definition of these two identities/orientations so that we’re on the same page.

biromantic: romantic attraction to two or more genders.

polyromantic: romantic attraction to multiple genders.

given the definitions above, biromantic and polyromantic are not mutually exclusive. there is overlap between the two definitions; “two or more” is analogous with “multiple”, the main difference is semantic.

having said that, that isn’t to say that biromantic is analogous with polyromantic. both orientations are also identities. identities which are tied to their own respective histories, communities, etc, which are often tied to that of the bisexual and polysexual communities at large.

the point i’m trying to make is that people often identity as one or the other, both or neither based on numerous factors that goes beyond definitions. it’s all personal choice, the decision is 100% yours to make. there is no such thing as “actually” being one rather than the other.

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