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withU: a new Japanese LGBTQIA+ social networking site



just want to signal boost a new Japanese LGBTQIA+ social networking site called “withU” for those of you who speak Japanese and/or live in Japan.

so far, the site seems very interesting and promising, having gained over 1,000 members since it became public last month. it’s like what would happen if mixi.jp and OKCupid teamed up and made a Japanese site? lol

so far, the site seems to be inclusive of not just the L and the G, but also bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender and non-binary (Xジェンダー) people. you’re able to select all of these identifiers in your profile and when searching for people. there are even two asexual groups already! 😀

that said, the site does have some kinks to work out… the site seems to load slowly. also, in your profile you are required to make a selection from a dropdown menu titled 「セクシュアリティ」 (’sexuality’) which lists possible identifiers. there is NO distinction made between gender and sexuality, so transgender and non-binary are listed together with gay, bisexual, asexual etc. on top of this, you are only allowed to select ONE of these identifiers. they give a textbox for you to expand upon your answer, but still………

overall, i’m liking the site so far. if you make an account, add me!

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