QAC 38 – Social Media: Let’s Connect!

Queer As Cat the YouTube channel and Tumblr blog have always been completely separated from the rest of my presence on the internet. i want to change that.

let’s connect!

i may not be the most the most social of people out there, but i’d love to interact with you, my subscribers and followers, a lot more than i have to date. if you’d ever like to chat, see what i’m up to outside of Queer As Cat or check out my art, maybe hit me up on one of the following sites?


mi ankaŭ parolas Esperanton, do bonvolu senhezite kontakti min esperante.

=========  SOCIAL MEDIA ========

Twitter: @nighstar
Instagram: @nighstar.phogoraphy
Skype: nighstar
LINE: nighstar
Hangouts: queerascat at gmail dot com
email: queerastcat at gmail dot com


and of course YouTube:

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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