Q&A: “Is it possible to be Heteroromantic, bisexual and asexual all at the same time?”

anonymous said:

Is it possible to be Heteroromantic, bisexual and asexual all at the same time?


it is entirely possible to be heteroromantic and __sexual at the same time.

i am confused, though. what do you mean by bisexual and asexual? do you fluctuate between the two? or perhaps you experience sexual attraction towards some genders but then experience none towards other(s)?

if it’s the latter, i’d personally (and this is just what i’d personally do, i am not telling you to do this) probably identify as heteroromantic bisexual rather than heteroromantic bisexual asexual. being bisexual does not mean that you experience sexual attraction indiscriminately. it’s common for there to be gender(s) that one isn’t sexually attracted to, so i wouldn’t feel a need to identify as asexual on top of bisexual. also, being asexual means that one doesn’t experience sexual attraction regardless of gender, which contradicts being bisexual.

on the other hand, if it’s the former and you feel like sometimes you are bisexual and sometimes you are asexual, i can understand that. for some, sexuality changes. you may be interested in looking into the term “aceflux”.

edit: OR, as others have pointed out (thanks!), perhaps you’re heteroromantic demi-bisexual? meaning you do not experience sexual attraction until you feel particularly close to someone in a certain way and when you do experience sexual attraction it’s towards two or more genders (ie. bisexual). or perhaps you’re heteroromantic gray-bisexual? you experience sexual attraction weakly, infrequently or in some other way that differs from most, but when you do experience it it’s towards two or more genders (ie. bisexual). neither of those things are uncommon either. 🙂

edit2: also see this post.

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