Q&A: “what do you think of pangender?”

anonymous said:

hey sorry, I’m autistic and am having a hard time picking a side on this because both seem to make sense to me, so I’m asking around. what do you think of pangender?


what do i think….? i think that what i think doesn’t matter at all, but…

personally, i do not understand pangender. i do not understand how one could be all genders.

for one, a person has no way of even knowing every gender that exists. imho, there are potentially as many genders as there are people on this planet, so there are genders that one will never even encounter in one’s lifetime.

secondly, there are genders which are inherently or intrinsically connected to or rooted in a specific culture. a person who is outside of this culture has no right to even suggest that they are these genders, even if only in part.

just to be clear, i’m not saying that i think it’s impossible to be pangender. i most certainly will not go around policing the gender of pangender people. it’s just that for the life of me i cannot understand pangender.

on the other hand, i can totally understand polygender and other multigender identities…

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