Q&A: “What is sexual attraction exactly?”

fajitasvanitas said:

(Coming from an ace) what is sexual attraction exactly? Is it like “I want to have sex with this person?” Or??


coming from another ace who has never actually experienced sexual attraction first hand, that sounds about right. at least, in so far as i understand it.

or as i put it in another post re: libido vs sexual attraction:

for many people (including asexuals), it can be hard to distinguish between sexual attraction and sex drive/libido because they often do influence each other. if a sexual person feels sexually attracted to someone, that someone generally becomes the driving force behind one’s sex drive. however, it is totally possible to experience one without the other.


in other words, sexual attraction is being attraction to/drawn to someone in such a way that that person becomes the target of one’s sexual feelings (libido).

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