Q&A: “Okay so I have a question about sexuality preferences.”

sorryitsluz said:

Okay so I have a question about sexuality preferences. I’ve always been attracted to males (I’m female btw) in both romantic way and a sexual way. I see myself with a male ya know? But lately I’ve realized that I also began to get an interest in females. Although it’s not the same as the interest I have in males. I don’t feel like I would have sex with a female but I do like them and feel like I would flirt/go over just a friendship. Could you help describe this please??


hi.. 🙂

i have a vague idea of what you’re trying to describe, but at the same time i don’t understand enough to be specific in helping you.

rather than me trying to put words to something that i’m not personally experiencing, i think it would be better if i gave you resources to help you better describe it yourself. perhaps looking into the different types of attraction that exist might help you describe your attraction to females (and males)?

check out these posts:

also, i know you didn’t mean anything negative when you said “go over just a friendship”, but the way you put it makes it seem like friendships are somehow “lesser” or “inferior” to other types of relationships…. and i’d just like to point out that that isn’t the case, or at least it doesn’t have to be. a friendship isn’t “just” a friendship any more than a marriage is “just” a marriage. both are relationships which should be cherished and highly valued by the people in them, even if they are different types of relationships.

the attraction that you feel for females may be different from what you feel for males, but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently inferior or lesser, regardless of the type(s) of relationship(s) that may result from the differing types of attraction.

sorry i can’t help you more, but i hope that this at least points you in a direction that’s helpful.

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