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pre-セクマイの交流会 jitters

going to another LGBTQIA+ 交流会 / meeting tomorrow and i’m really excited (+ nervous)! unlike all of the past meetings/events that i’ve been to here in Japan, this one explicitly welcomes:

  • bisexuals
  • pansexuals
  • asexuals
  • gray asexuals
  • polyamorous people
  • transgender people
  • genderfluid people
  • genderless / agender people
  • bigender people
  • maveriques
  • people who are questioning

as in the website for the meeting describes each and every one of these identities individually rather than using some umbrella term, acronym with symbols, “セクマイ” (commonly used in Japan in place of  “LGBT”) or some footnote to mention these people.

AND unlike so many LGBTQIA+ events which are held at night / in a club / over alcohol, this event will be like a big tea party and 100% open to minors.

AND it’s being held in my little “inaka” (countryside) prefecture, not in fuckin’ Tokyo.


major props to you, True Colors Project. even if none of you understand a word of this, i will sing your praises in English lol. looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂

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