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f’in birthday cards

*gets home to see a birthday card from mom in the mailbox*

me: ….hm.

*opens envelope to see a pink and gold card with butterflies and a big, fat “For You, Daughter” on the front*

me: ………

*opens card to see a long, handwritten message*

*reads long, seemingly heartfelt message half smiling until*

card: ……..I may not have been all that you desired me to be, but I’ve tried my best. I love you! You will always be my daughter! Still My Child!!!”

me: …………………………

*goes onto Google Hangouts*

*types exasperatedly*

me: you expect me to happily say thank you for a card in which you’ve repeatedly misgendered me AGAIN just because you wrote nice things?? i’m sorry but no. thank you for the birthday present, but i don’t need cards in which you ignore my gender.

*hits send, closes Google Hangouts*

*watches Orange is the New Black while eating dinner to calm nerves*

(later that day)

mom:  Excuse me!  Where is your manners? Haven’t you gotten a gift before that you didn’t like or want but you took it, smiled and said thank you anyway?  Get over your self!


…..haHahaHahaHa so done with her bullshit right now. so done with it.

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