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TBS to air 2 hour special on “Lesbian Marriage” (May 25th @7:00pm)

tomorrow, May 25th @7:00pm on the TBS show 「私の何がイケないの?」 (”What’s wrong with me?”) will be airing a 2 hour special. the topic?  “Lesbian Marriage”.

apparently the show will be discussing the recent legalization of civil unions (Japan’s calling it marriage but it really isn’t) in Shibuya-ku, the “marriage” of a female geinojin to her wife, the relationship between a former Takarazuka star and her partner and a trans woman (they describe her using the term 女装, ugh) who teaches at Todai??

if anyone gets a chance to watch this, could you let me know what you thought of it?

i’ll be at work tomorrow during it, but i’m already cringing a what will probably happen during the show, based on various past experiences with Japan’s media coverage of the LGBT community…

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