Q&A: “Before I identified as a woman and a lesbian. But now…”

anonymous said:

Hi is me again! i’m so confused about me right now. Before I identified as a woman and a lesbian. But now I’m getting very masculine, I do not care if someone calls me by male pronouns, and it looks like I’m starting to like men too. The bad thing is that there was already out of the closet to my parents. (I just like mans when i feel like a man, and i like girls when i feel like girls)


thanks for sending your ask again, i’m sorry that i accidentally deleted it the first time!

some people find that their sexuality and/or gender changes with time, the situation, etc. this is called gender/sexual fluidity and it’s totally natural and not uncommon at all, it just doesn’t get recognized or talked about enough.

as a person who does not experience gender or sexual fluidity, i won’t pretend to understand what you’re going through…..  i can only imagine how confusing it must be.

if you haven’t already, i recommend looking into genderfluid and bigender. both are genders that experience gender fluidity, so you might find people whose experiences are similar to yours. when it comes to sexual fluidity, i don’t know any specific words for what you described, but it sounds like your sexuality is tied to your gender? you might find similar experiences among genderfluid and/or bigender people.

sorry i’m not able to help you more. wishing you all the best!

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