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QAC 33 – (Not) “Transitioning” As Non-Binary in Japan

apologies for this video being incredibly long– there was lots to address and i still didn’t cover everything!

in this video i talk about my current intentions re: social and medical/physical “transitioning”, why i personally don’t care for the term “transition”, why i won’t be doing anything while in Japan, why “transitioning” as a non-binary person is different from “transitioning” as a binary person and lots more. please bear in mind that this really isn’t meant as an educational video, but maybe it’ll be informative nonetheless…?

@00:00 happy holidays!
@00:20 why i don’t look forward to 2015
@02:22 why i don’t care for the term “transition”
@04:48 TMI & trigger warnings
@05:20 what is social transition?
@06:36 social “transitioning” as non-binary
@07:03 name change abroad, name dysphoria
@09:01 coming out in Japan
@11:13 gender marker change + bathrooms in Japan
@12:39 voice training, social etiqutte/mannerisms
@13:16 what is medical/physical transition?
@14:06 GRS/SRS and sex nullification surgery
@14:47 being asexual + sex indifferent = lucky?
@15:21 hysterectomy plz!
@15:45 cancer concerns/paranoia
@17:28 top surgery, chest dysphoria
@20:55 HRT (hormone replacement therapy)
@21:10 voice dysphoria
@21:30 facial hair dysphoria
@22:31 fear of being misgendered as a (black) male
@23:53 2017 can’t come quick enough!
@25:52 thanks for watching

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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