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“yellow as a maverique”

disclaimer: this overly simplistic graphic is in NO WAY meant to illustrate nor erase the numerous and diverse genders that exist. JUST OVERSIMPLIFYING FOR EASE OF UNDERSTANDING, FOLKS!

…had to put the disclaimer on the image itself as well because i know eventually Google will pick it up, separating it from this post and the context needed to view it with.

anyway, i’m looking for feedback, including constructive criticism, about the above illustration from everyone, be it fellow maveriques or not.

when i designed the maverique flag, i chose yellow for a very specific reason. as i wrote in my post about the flag:

yellow is a primary color (see: subtractive color / CMYK), meaning that it isn’t obtainable from combining any other colors and thus is entirely independent from the other primary colors, cyan (blue) and magenta (pink). i feel that this is the perfect analogy for maverique’s relationship to male/masculinity and female/femininity.

this graphic illustrates what i had in mind/how i feel, but i’m curious. does this resonate with other maveriques, or is this just a me thing?

i know that there have been many people struggling to understand what exactly maverique is. does this illustration help any of you at all…? would it be worth including this on the “what is maverique?” page?

lastly, bearing in mind that this illustration knowingly fails to address the diverse genders which exist, is there anything else about this illustration that needs addressing?

thanks in advance to everyone who responds or passes this on!

– admin Vesper

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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