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the maverique flag

this is the flag that i’ve designed for maverique, the gender i’ve recently coined.

the “short & sweet” explanation of the colors is:

  • yellow (#fff344): primary/elementary* gender; non-binary gender
  • white (#ffffff): autonomy; independence
  • orange (#f49622): inner conviction; maverick

but of course there is much more to the meanings and color selections than that.

yellow is a primary color (see: subtractive color / CMYK), meaning that it isn’t obtainable from combining any other colors and thus is entirely independent from the other primary colors, cyan (blue) and magenta (pink). *i feel that this is the perfect analogy for maverique’s relationship to male/masculinity and female/femininity. yellow is also often associated with non-binary gender.

white represents autonomy or independence from the gender binary and even from the spectrum of colors (genders) created by combinations of cyan/blue (male/masculinity) and magenta/pink (female/femininity). white represents the figurative blank gender slate upon which maverique is based.

orange represents the deep, burning inner conviction that a maverique feels in regards to their own gender. it also represents the unorthodox and individualistic nature of mavericks, upon which this gender is based.

i went through many many flag designs before settling upon this one. i made it a point to not include any blues, pinks or purples as those all have set gender associations which have nothing to do with maverique except that they describe things which maverique is not. i almost avoided white because of its association with genderlessness, but in the end the meaning that i have assigned to it really resonates with me, so i’ve included it.

commentary, criticism and suggestions are welcome!

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