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Asexy Aces at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014 (04/27/2014)

in the beginning there were but three of us, but by the end there were five. 🙂 three of us actually met in a meetup thread on AVEN where i instigated our meetup and sign making for #TRP2014. then while walking in the parade it just so happened that L, who was walking behind us, happened to be ace herself! after the parade i was lucky enough to catch up with SHYNAMITES, whose non-binary pride sign i’d passed during the parade. when i asked to take zir photo, ze told me that ze’s asexual too! D; ah, it was a great day…

note: photos #1, #3 and #4 taken by editingatwork and used with permission.

(see also: the #TRP2014 photo gallery)

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