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今夜 新しい言葉や慣用語を習った:「友情結婚」




wow. 信じられないと言うより信じたくない辛い事実だね…それがゲイである日本人の境遇だと言うこと。

i learned a new phrase tonight: “yuujou kekkon” (lit. “friendship marriage”)

there was a message posted to an asexual group on mixi about an offline “friendship marriage” meetup, so i googled the phrase and got a surprising number of hits. from that, i stumbled upon one of many interesting message boards.

….my parents keep telling me to get married, it’s so annoying […] it would be great if i could find a woman whom i could marry with the understanding that i’m gay


wow. that gay people in Japan feel the need to go to such lengths is a truth that hurts.

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