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QAC 19 – Asexuality: An FAQ

in honor of Asexual Awareness Week (Oct. 20th – 26th, 2013) i decided to attempt to make a video to help raise awareness about asexuality. the FAQ includes:

@00:56  – what is asexuality?
@01:12  – isn’t that celibacy?
@01:42  – maybe you should get your hormones checked?
@02:38  – isn’t asexuality unnatural?
@04:27  – so if you’re asexual you’re a virgin/never want sex?
@05:49  – how can you know if you’ve never had sex?@06:57  – do asexuals masturbate?
@07:46  – i have a low/high sex drive. could i still be asexual?
@09:04  – do asexuals never fall in love?
@09:51  – what are other types of attraction?
@11:38  – what if someone rarely experiences sexual attraction or only experiences it under certain circumstances?
@12:45 – where can i find out more?

please note that the content of this video is just MY personal answer to various questions and i most certainly am not an authority or expert on anything!

i really would appreciate feedback, comments, etc from everyone so that i can correct any mistakes and make future videos better. thanks!

originally i had included more talk about demisexuality and how it’s often misunderstood, but i ended up cutting that part out because it conflicted with the otherwise “brief” format of my answers. plus i think the topic deserves a video of its own… too bad i don’t have time right now. >_>;;

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