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QAC 06 – Coming Out as a Panromantic Asexual

i’m soooooo sorry for this video being so long. i clipped out as much as i could while still maintaining what i think may benefit someone.

things discussed in this video (in order):

– coming out while in a relationship
– coming out more than once
– coming out to religious family
– dealing with serious illness while coming out
– whether or not to come out at all

it’s funny because after recording this i ended up coming out to my doctor (GP)… THAT was an interesting experience for sure… wish i had gotten it on video lol. it went pretty well considering who it was. afterwards i made an apointment for a piercing with rainbow-colored jewelry to celebrate the past year and to kick my gender dysphoria in the ass.

what a day.

this was originally made for Askapansexual, a collab channel i’m a part of, but i decided to upload it here as well as i think it’s important that it be together with my other videos.

YouTuber and Blogger, Vesper is an American expat currently living in Japan.

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