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QAC 04 – Why I Identify as Panromantic & Biromantic

in this terribly long video, i blurb on and on about how i came to identify as a panromantic AND biromantic asexual. that’s right, i said pan and bi. many people quote bisexuality as meaning “attraction to males and females,” but that’s just binarist and ignorant, imho. there are bisexual who do define their own attraction as such, but regarding bisexuality and biromanticism in general, there is absolutely nothing that suggests the existence of only two genders or that “bi” is at all limited to attraction only towards males and females.

example definitions of bi that many people fail to consider:
– attraction to the SAME and to OTHER genderS than oneself.
– attraction to AGENDER and to FEMALES.
– attraction to GENDERQUEER and to GENDERFLUID.
– attraction to MALES and to NEUTROIS.
– etc etc

bisexuals and biromantics are the ones who get to define their respective orientations, not anyone else. and even if you take “bi” to mean “two”, there is no arguing the fact that that “two” is not limited to male and female unless you assume binarism, in which case you are to blame, not the orientation.

….anyway, i’ll shut up now.

skip to @11:15 if you just want to hear the pan vs bi part. the difference between the terms bisexual/biromantic and pansexual/panromantic ISN’T what most people think it is.

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